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I always want to share my RSS subscription with you guys, but if I suddenly throw a whole blanket of the subscription without any introduction, that might be so confused:P

So I want to share some excellent information sources with you in another better way:)

The first one is the best WordPress guide book website I thought:

I found this website when I rebuilt my blog coincidently, its update frequency is high, and it targets to newbies.

The author of WPBeginner is Syed Balkhi; this website focused on helping non-tech people to know about WordPress and achieve any kinds of goals.

WPBeginner can help you solve some questions like:

  • How to build up a WordPress website?
  • How can I achieve my goal of __?
  • Which plugin is better for me to achieve of __?
  • What’re the best practices of WordPress?

Column analysis


The articles inside this category teach you how to use WordPress, and it’s divided into several taxonomies:

  • Beginners Guide
    Basic lessons for beginners but very useful

  • News
    The articles inside this column are some news or dynamics related to WordPress itself, so if you’re a WordPress developer, this column is useful

  • Opinion
    This column includes some essays with exciting new opinions about WordPress, which I love to read so much, the two articles below are an example:

  • Showcase
    This column introduces different themes of WordPress based on various industries, so if you want to be a theme designer of WordPress, you can check this out.

  • Theme
    It introduces the advanced usage of WordPress theme

  • Tutorials
    When you finished reading the previous tutorials, this column can help you better understand the details or settings inside WordPress.

  • WordPress Plugins
    This is what I recommend most; it includes many excellent plugins tutorials with a detailed introduction.


This column amazed me so much because of its high quality, if you want to find a step-by-step video tutorial of WordPress, please have a look about that(you need to register an account first.)



This column reminded me about my first time building my blog, which the process was chaos…
At that time, I was so confused about the massive new concepts related to the WordPress like the domain, cPanel and something like that…
This column was excellent in every dimension for every newbie, it can help you know not only the meaning of each term but also the relationship between each term, which was fabulous.


This was an article to introduce an overview of the WordPress building, you should have a look.


This column provides coupons of some famous WordPress plugin.


Update frenquency:


Article Quility:


RSS Subscription:

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