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Watch out the Lux dash+AMOLED

It’s a pity that the soft I like will become this…..

I have been used the Lux for a long time, and it’s useful at first time with galaxy s4.

However, something happened, the screen had been the flash when the lux turns into the 90% brightness; even though I disable it, the phone still flash itself.

After disabling the Lux for few days, the screen had been normal, so I enabled it.

But it still flash itself after few hours

So, I have to say goodbye to it.

I think the reason it happened is the principle of AMOLED.

After I searched, I have found that they’re some similar situation happened like this.

And I also saw that some information like this:

 if you have an AMOLED screen, usually this is the case for Samsung devices, it’s best to avoid “night” and “astronomer” mode as there have been reports of the display becoming permanently red if this modes are used for a very long time.



After reading it, I found this is, unfortunately, the great fortune

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