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修复BackWPup Dropbox-API: (77)问题总结


错误: Dropbox-API: (77) Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)


You need just to set cacert.pem to curl.cainfo. Since PHP 5.3.7 you could do: download and save it somewhere. update php.ini — add curl.cainfo = “PATH_TO/cacert.pem” (From  HTTPS and SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed, CA is OK

试着做一遍,不行…. 看了下自己的php版本,不是5.3.7,不敢随便升级,所以继续找解决方案。 然后再看插件版本,出问题的时候是3.1.4,之前都没有问题,那我就换回3.1.1咯,结果还是一样给跪了…… 好吧,大不了我换个插件(WordPress Backup to Dropbox),结果提示:

Error Processing Request: Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)


Error Processing Request: Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)


Solution: Bug in CentOS


SOLVED: BUG – CentOS – Yum – RPM Broken by nss-softokn-3.14.3-19.el6_6 Update – error: rpmts_HdrFromFdno – error: rpmdbNextIterator – Header V3 RSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID BAD

好吧,我升级还不行么…. 升升升,结果看到了这样的提示:

Could not get metalink error was 14: PYCURL ERROR 77 – “Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)”


LINUX CENTOS 6.3 – 14:Pycurl Error 77 – Yum repository error

试了下,终于搞定了…. 解决方法如下:

it is possible your /etc/pki/tls/certs/ is messed up. Back up all files in there first, and then download new certificate bundle, as described here:

curl -o /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crtAnd

once yum works again, reinstall the ca-certificates package:

yum install ca-certificates


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