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Recently, mailbird had invited me to give some localization suggestion, so I just gave them, now I post here for memo:P

Hello, Christin Baumgarten, sorry for the delay, below is my suggestion for mailbird.

Third-party app integration

Unlike other countries, in China, because of Tencent, which is the biggest IM software company, most working people will love to talking about the work in QQ or Wechat, so some new app like slack is hard to get success in China.

Working IM app

There’re two most popular IM apps in China, one is Enterprise WeChat which is developed by Tencent, another is Ali Dingding which is developed by Alibaba, yes, Alibaba.

By the end of Dec.2015, the number of the companies who had registered in Enterprise WeChat was more than 600K, the total user number in Enterprise Wechat was more than 10 million.

By the end of Nov.2015, the number of the companies who had registered in Ali Dingding was more than 850K.

So I think if an email client in China wants to explore the market, you have to consider these two giant company.

It was a pity that Enterprise WeChat haven’t the web version; you may have to wait for some time.

But the Ali Dingding have the web version so that you can integrate this into your app market:


Cloud Store

Hmm….You know, because of the 「great」 invention—–GFW, people in China can’t use the excellent services like Google search、gmail、dropbox via the normal way, so this integration is useless for most of the Chinese.

So you can consider integrating with the popular cloud store services in China.


Baidu cloud store:




360 cloud store:



Haven’t I seen you integrate with the app like Trello or Basecamp?

Maybe there is some difficulty exist?

Anyhow, I will list in here if you want to integrate with:





Note tools

Evernote is good, but I think you may miss the important thins:

Evernote had launched the particular China version called 「yinxiang note」, the database is independent of Evernote.

But I saw that you hadn’t provided the right login address?


Besides Evernote, you may consider integrating with another note tools called wiz note, it had the web version, too.


More default email services setting

I suggest you that integrate with more local email services setting, like @qq.com、@163.com, you can use the keyword+smtp to search the detail, below is the main email suffix:






Some of this email services have the custom enterprise domain suffix, so you may have to check the HTTP request.

Dialogue interface

I think you have known that there’re some email apps support the 「dialogue interface」 to aggregate the email from the common sender.


As I said before, most of the Chinese can’t use the Gmail via the usual way.

So in this situation, a competitor called 「yomail」 had supported Gmail entirely, yes, via the VPN on their server.

They even take this as a selling point….

I know this has a police risk, but you can think about it, it can bring you an intense attraction.


I have used the excellent chrome plugin called  「checker plus for gmail」; it was wonderful.

In this plugin, I can set the temporary 「snoose」 for one hour、two hour or one day, so the remind will not disturb me.

In mailbird, I can only set the regular snooze setting.

Besides, I can also let some email with the particular label auto snooze; it helped me a lot:)

Privacy protect

I have used another excellent chrome plugin called 「gmelius」; it can stop any email monitoring services, which means it can protect my privacy.

If mailbird can do this,too, I think it will be more powerful:)

Translation errors

Yes, you have many translation errors in your app….

But I think you can improve this:)

The last

I want mailbird can get more success in China, because, in China Internet market, most people don’t want to pay for the excellent apps, so it caused that the developer set the app free, then sell users data to advertisers….

It was disgusting; I want more and more excellent app like mailbird can change this situation.

If you need more help, just told me, I will reply in my free time.

4 thoughts on “A reply to mailbird

  1. Tasks management apps like Wunderlist or Todoist. Some people use mail app with their todo list app like me.



    https://ticktick.com/ (International Edition)
    https://dida365.com/ (Chinese Edition)

    Above them, Wunderlist and Todoist are developed by foreign developers while TickTick is by Chinese. So TickTick has two editions, one is for international users while another is for Chinese users, which uses the server located in Mainland China, providing faster connection but isolates data from international edition, like Evernote and Yingxiang Note. But I’m note sure if TickTick has open its SDK.

    Ps. For notes, there is a services called Youdao Note (http://note.youdao.com) is also popular in China.


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